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We are a committee run pre-school and our committee consists mainly of parents.  We are also a registered charity and rely on the committee members to support our pre-school to keep us open.  Support from new parents would be greatly appreciated and if you are interested in joining our committee please feel free to contact any member of staff for further information.  A letter will be sent out every term requesting new members.
The committee itself is responsible for fund raising ideas and activities that are carried out each year.  These fund raising events are vital for our pre-school as we are a non-profit pre-school and need extra funds for the upkeep of our equipment and resource’s and of course buying new, and also little extras for your child such as reduced prices for pre-school and trips etc..
These committee meetings are 6 times a year.  Although attendance to all meetings would be helpful we understand that we all have busy lives and ask that if you join our committee you are able to attend at least 3 of them.  Parental involvement is essential for the committee and the community as we rely heavily on word of mouth to promote our events and activities, and the more people who are able to attend our meetings means more advertising for our pre-school.  Also, by attending these meetings means you will have a huge input into your child’s care and learning by helping to decide which activities we can provide.


All of our staff hold up to date DBS’s and are fully checked as suitable persons. Permanent staff hold relevant childcare qualifications ranging from level 3 to 6. Some members of staff are working towards higher levels with ongoing degrees.
It is compulsory for all our staff and volunteers to attend various continuous training courses over the year.

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