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Feniscowles Pre-School
Term and Holiday Pattern 2015 / 2016


Autumn Term 2015
Open Monday 7th September 2015
Closed Friday 23rd October 2015
Open Monday 2nd November 2015
Closed Friday 18th December 2015
Spring Term 2016
Open Monday 4th January 2016
Closed Friday 12th February 2016
Open Monday 22nd February 2016
Closed Friday 25th and 28th March 2016 (Bank Holidays)
Open Tuesday 29th March 2016
Closed Friday 8th April 2016
Summer Term 2016
Open Monday 25th April 2016
Closed Monday 2nd May 2016 (Bank Holiday)
Open Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Closed Friday 27th May 2016
Open Monday 6th June 2016
Closed Friday 15th July 2016




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